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Thursday, January 16, 2014

What will 2014 bring?

I know - I haven't blogged for a while! 8 months to be exact. I stopped blogging when I stopped uploading OOTD videos. I don't really do OOTD videos anymore because I prefer to do lookbooks (which take the same amount of time but showcase more outfits!)

Since it's now a new year I may as well return from my hiatus with my 2014 New Year's Resolutions. It's cliche, I know. But putting it in writing will at least keep myself accountable (I think).  Here we go...

Somehow I completely abandoned this blog, but now that I can no longer use "I'm getting married" as an excuse (my 2013 excuse for everything), I'm just going to finally get my act together!

So, although I won't necessarily be uploading OOTD videos, I still want to do OOTD posts. I'll ask Phil to bring his camera on the weekend so if the opportunity pops up, we can easily snap a photo here or there. 

I'm definitely still quite the noob when it comes to makeup. But that doesn't mean I don't USE the stuff. I definitely have my favourites, my HGs, etc etc...So in 2014 you can expect to see some random beauty or makeup posts pop up.

If you follow me on instagram then you'll know I've been posting lots of food pics lately. Salads that I make for our work lunches, and our quick and easy dinners we have after a day at the office. I am DEFINITELY no expert when it comes to cooking. In fact it's quite the joke that I'm even cooking. 12 months ago I hated cooking. Now that I have someone to cook for and someone to enjoy my food, I've found that I suddenly enjoy it....But I digress! The point I'm trying to make is that I'm no expert, but I do go for quick and easy meals which are relatively healthy. And I think many of you can relate to that! Since some of you have already requested that I blog about it or often ask me for recipes, I think this will the perfect opportunity for me to blog more often!

Garlic and chilli infused fettuccine with rocket 


I know this is very typical of a New Year's resolution, but you don't know me. I am the last person who would try to eat healthy. For the first 25 years of my existence I had the luxury of eating as much junk in the world, and sometimes not even fit into a size 6 or XS because it was too big for me. As soon as I hit a quarter of a century something in my body switched and my metabolism started slowing down. But my eating habits stayed the same. Now that I've officially gained weight and a dress size (or two), it's really time for me to crack the whip (on myself!) and eat healthy (or healthier!).  I've been really proud of myself lately. I no longer snack on potato chips at my desk - a daily indulgence not too long ago. And I no longer eat lots of fast food. In fact, I've been eating salads at work. SALADS. SALADS!!!!! Jo and Salads??!?! You don't even know how crazy that is.

Cauliflower 'rice' salad 

3. EXERCISE (?) 

Sorry, it's another cliche resolution. But I do want to start looking after myself. I am so unfit it's not funny. My body will cry with pain the next day if you get me to do any form of exercise now. That has to change! Phil wants to start 6am jogs before work. If I can get myself to fall asleep at a decent hour than I might actually contemplate this...


I have piles upon piles of makeup that I've bought as "back-ups", or "must-try-one-days". The problem with buying makeup you don't need is that you forget you have it or something else comes out and you want to try that instead. I'm going to make a conscious effort to use what I have first before I go out and buy something I don't need.

Let me know what you guys would like to see me blog about in 2014!

Mandatory selfie