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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OOTD - Bohemian Chic

I don't usually do the whole boho thing but then again, I also can't really pin point what kind of "style" I have.  I tend to jump around and take what I like and wear what I feel like. What I'm most proud of about this outfit is that it was super cheap.  The top was $6 from Temt, Skirt was $9 from Big W, Belt was thrifted from Savers for like $3 or so, and the sandals are GENUINE LEATHER and I bought it on sale for like $40.  Go me!

I hate, hate, hate my ugly toes in the last photo but I had to make the sacrifice to show you how amazingly awesome my sandals are. 

On another note, I totally love Mary-Kate's style.  How does she just throw on anything and manage to look amazing?  Because she's Mary-Kate.

 Watch the video here.