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Monday, October 8, 2012

OOTD - Styling prints in Spring


Lots of my Aussie viewers have been requesting for Spring/Summer videos to align with the season here in Australia.  It's been super frustrating for a fellow Melbournian like me, who still needs to wear a thick winter coat and scarf to work every morning.  We're now more than a third of the way through Spring and it still feels more like Winter on most days.  We've had a couple of rare sunny days but on the most part it's sitting around 17 degrees on average.

But enough about the weather.

Because I love my subscribers, I decided to brave the elements and wear something that looked remotely "Spring-ish".  Turns out, it was way too windy and freezing to film outside, which is why we filmed this one inside Melbourne Central shopping centre.  It was quite the challenge to film - when there's so many people walking around and lots of them are staring at you wondering why the hell you're posing like a wanna-be model, it makes it difficult to say the least!  

But all for you my lovelys, all for you!   

Watch the video here